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What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a trance or altered state of consciousness that's between waking and sleep, and is characterized by increased suggestibility, relaxation and heightened imagination. It’s commonly referred to as “zoning out.” Through hypnosis, the therapist can make suggestions for positive change on a subconscious level, using the power of the mind. If the mind can visualize positive change and believe it’s already happening, it can achieve it.

What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a hypnosis-based therapy method.

It's the powerful and highly effective combination of Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching (please see What Is Transformational Life Coaching on this page).

What can Hypnotherapy be used for?
Hypnotherapy can be of great use for behavioral, physical and psychological conditions such as:
• Stress and Anxiety
• Fears and Phobias
• Anger Management
• Sleep Distress
• Self Esteem and Motivation
• Loss and Grief
• Depression
• Weight Loss
• Athletic Performance
• Learning Disabilities
• Relationship Issues
• Reaching Life Goals and much more

How does hypnosis work? Will I remember what happened?
Hypnosis usually brings a very pleasant feeling of complete physical and mental relaxation. If you go into a deep hypnotic state, you might not remember everything that happened during hypnosis once you awake. However, it is important to realize that your subconscious mind will remember everything that was said by
the therapist. The hypnotherapist can also use tools that enhance that power in positive ways, such as post-hypnotic suggestions
and affirmations.

Does hypnosis work better with the weak-minded?
No! In fact, the stronger the will of a person, the more likely they
are to achieve success in hypnosis. This is because people are most influenced by their own suggestions and, in actuality, put themselves in a hypnotic state. A therapist's role is to guide them
in this process. No one can be hypnotized against their will, or be made to do something they don’t want to do.

Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is a safe, natural and non-invasive way to guide you through positive change. According to the Mayo Clinic,

“Hypnosis that's conducted by a trained therapist or health care professional is considered a safe, complementary and alternative medical treatment.”

Is it difficult to wake up from hypnosis?
It is easy to be brought back from a hypnotic trance; there has
never been a documented case of someone unable to come
out of it.

Are there any potential risks with hypnosis?
Although uncommon, there is potentiality for occurrences such as: abreaction (a strong emotional reaction to a memory); physical reactions (especially if the client has epilepsy, lung or respiratory disease, etc); recollection of blocked memories (which can cause
an abreaction); and false memories (in regression therapy). It is important to remember that such occurrences can be great opportunities for a client to remove, resolve and release past issues or trauma. It’s also important to understand that recollected “memories” might be real; but they could be distorted and embellished, much like being in a dream state. Such recollections could also be just a symbolic representation of what the client felt during a hurtful or traumatic moment. A qualified hypnotherapist is prepared for and able to help clients through such issues.

Does hypnosis work for everyone?
Most people are capable of reaching a hypnotic state, as long as they are motivated to do so.

What is self-hypnosis?
Self-hypnosis is the self-induced form of hypnosis, where the client makes use of self-suggestions and affirmations. Self-hypnosis can help reinforce the work done during guided sessions. In a way, all hypnosis is a form of self-hypnosis.

Nearly everyone feels "stuck" at some point in life. We are committed to help you move forward by getting “unstuck” and finding your way back into your life path.

Transformational Life Coaching is an ongoing partnership (for as long as you need it) in which you have a unique opportunity to deepen you awareness, improve your performance, overcome your obstacles and enhance your quality of life. It involves an integrative or mind/body/spirit approach to coaching, and its focus is on changing how you see yourself. With greater focus and awareness of choice, achievement of life goals is accelerated.

Transformational Life Coaching is a positive, life-affirming process that helps you become the person you always wanted to be. It’s a pathway enabling you to become your very best self.

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