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Service Description

Hypno-coaching can help you create more balance and harmony in your life; release, resolve and remove blocks, barriers and limitations; strengthen your inner knowing and clarity; unlock your dream; and get your life back on track, as you pursue your goals. The sessions offered are especially recommended for healers, healers-to-be and those who feel called to help and serve in anyway, and need support to let go of fears and limitations in their path. I am here to support your calling! - INITIAL CONSULTATION: $105 (30% OFF; REGULAR RATE: $150) - SINGLE SESSION: $90 - ONE-GOAL PROGRAM - 4 TO 6 SESSIONS: $85 P/SESSION - MULTI-GOAL PROGRAM - 10+ SESSIONS: $75 P/SESSION NOTES: 1) Session Duration Varies: The initial session is up to 90 minutes long; follow-up sessions are up to 60 minutes long. 2) Payment Methods: Cash, PayPal or Zelle remittance and credit cards accepted (VISA, MC, AMEX, DISCOVER). Health savings accounts (HSA) can be invoiced for session rate refund. 3) On a Budget? If you would like to get a multi-session package but are on a budget, please contact me to discuss other alternatives, such as splitting payments or paying as you go.

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